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Bird Watching

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area (DWGNRA), a 70,000 acre park which protects 40 miles of the middle Delaware River, offers a wide variety of opportunities for viewing birds in the wild.  There are hundreds of species of birds that are present in the DWGNRA year-round or seasonally.  The DWGNRA has a healthy population of Hawks and Eagles, and the nesting Bald Eagles are a popular spring attraction.  Peregrine Falcons have been nesting in the cliffs of the Delaware Water Gap for several seasons.  Birders can enjoy hiking trails, biking trails, paddling on the Delaware River or taking in the local waterfall attractions while spying on common bird species in the DWGNRA.  Dingmans Campground is located right in the center of the DWGNRA, offering easy access to the Delaware River, nearby waterfalls, hiking trails and biking trails.  Please check out the following links for details about activities that will enhance the bird watchers visit to the DWGNRA:

          View information on Delaware River Paddling Trips

          View information on Hiking

          View information on Biking

          View information on Waterfalls Hikes

 Nesting Bald Eagles:

 Bald Eagles can be seen year-round in the DWGNRA, but the spring nesting season attracts the most bird watchers to the region.  There are typically a dozen or more nesting pairs of Bald Eagles throughout the Delaware River corridor in the DWGNRA each season.  Several of these active nests are easily visible from the roads, hiking trails and biking trails of the DWGNRA.  Bald Eagles generally start nesting in early spring, and the young are visible in the nests by late spring.  In early summer, the young Bald Eagles can be seen soaring and fishing with their parents along the Delaware River.  Paddling on the Delaware River affords the avid bird watcher the best opportunity to glimpse these majestic birds in action (see the link above).

 DVRC Annual Raptor Show:

 The Delaware Valley Raptor Center (DVRC), located in near-by Milford, PA, is dedicated to the preservation and rehabilitation of birds of prey, or •Raptors•, in the DWGNRA and the surrounding Pocono Region.  Not all injured raptors can be fully rehabilitated and returned to the wild, so many are now permanent residents at the DVRC.  The captive birds are used for educational purposes.  On the Saturday of the July 4th holiday weekend, Mr. Bill Streeter of the DVRC brings his unique collection of live raptors, and his incredible wealth of knowledge, to Dingmans Campground for a one hour raptor show. The DVRC raptor show includes live eagles, hawks, falcons, owls, kestrel and kites.  Kids are mesmerized by these amazing birds.  Make your reservations for the July 4th weekend at Dingmans Campground now, because we fill up quickly for the DVRC Raptor Show!

 Common River Bird Species (varies seasonally):

• Bald Eagle
• Barn Swallow
• Cormorant
• Ducks
• Egret
• Geese
• Gulls
• Hawks
• Herons
• Kingfisher
• Loons
• Merganser
• Osprey
• Peregrine Falcon
• Red-Winged Blackbird
• Sandpipers
• Starling
• Swan
• Turkey Vulture
• Wren

Common Forest & Field Bird Species (varies seasonally):

Bald Eagle
• Blue Jay
• Bluebird
• Cardinal
• Cat Bird
• Chickadee
• Crow
• Dove
• Grosbeak
• Grouse
• Hawks
• Humming Birds
• Junco
• Killdeer
• Nighthawk
• Nuthatch
• Ovenbird
• Owls
• Pheasant
• Robin
• Sparrows
• Swallows
• Swift
• Titmouse
• Veery
• Vireo
• Whip-Poor-Will
• Wild Turkey
• Wood Thrush
• Woodpeckers

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